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About ISN

The International Speaker Network is a great place for authors, experts, trainers, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, business professionals and professional speakers to network, share resources and exchange ideas. Whether you are an experienced speaker or you’re just getting started, we invite you to join us to network, learn, share resources and find speaking opportunities. We meet twice monthly via zoom and it’s free.

What We Do

The International Speaker Network is focused on the business of speaking and how to monetize more of what you’re doing in your business or your speaking. The majority of our members are business professionals or owners plus speakers or budding speakers, authors and budding authors and therefore we all benefit by sharing resources, discussing strategies for generating more business and speaking engagements, networking and building relationships within the group–all while learning advanced business skills.

Upcoming Event

The Focus on What Matters LIVE ONLINE Summit takes place May 18 & 19 from 9-2 pm PDT! It’s coupled with a Gift Giveaway that runs through May 31st and it’s all FREE! 

You can watch this from your computer or catch the replays of the 18 expert speakers. Plus, there’s an online gift giveaway too, that’s 2 awesome ways to learn and get a ton of great advice on how to jumpstart your business, your life, your relationships, health, book, mindset, wealth and so much more!

The speakers and gift contriburots are bringing their most transformative and influential, proven tools, tips, and resources along with a heavy dose of inspiration to become your most profitable and focused self ever. This is where SELF-DEVELOPMENT meets BUSINESS-DEVELOPMENT and why it all flows together.

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Free Audio Training

Instant access to a 1-Hour Jumpstart Yourself as a Speaker MP3 Audio Training!

Free Advertising

Email us short blurbs about your events, webinars or speaking gigs and we will share that with our membership of over 3,500 members worldwide.

Tickets & Speaking Opportunities for Our Events

Official Members get discounted access and first opportunities to speak at our International Speaker Conference, Summits and on Giveaways that happen every year! Join today and learn more about these events and opportunities!

If you represent an organization or group that is in need of a speaker, please browse our member list here. You can also contact Katrina Sawa for assistance, the Organizer of this group at 916-872-4000.

When you become a member (for free, no fees) you get access to over 3,500 new and seasoned speakers and entrepreneurs around the world. Our membership grows monthly and reaches over a dozen countries. We have exposure on Meetup.com, Facebook Group and you get access to additional resources, trainings and tidbits from Organizer, Katrina Sawa, known as the Jumpstart Your Biz Coach. Katrina reaches 10s of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world in her social media and email communities. She gets asked all the time for referrals to speakers so you definitely want to be on her radar. Join today and make a LOT of connections to people who could potentially support you, book you, refer you or collaborate with you!

We’ve been holding 1 hour webinars and networking events for almost a dozen years now, the most recent 5 years or so of webinars are posted for anyone to have access to – no need to even join to access them! Go watch and learn how we run, and what you’ll get out of attending our calls yourself!

Through 2022 we booked up to 24 speakers every year on all kinds of topics. The talks were very short, 15 minutes, because the majority of our time we spent networking and sharing resources.

In 2023 however, we will be hosting more virtual speaker summits and opening up 25-45 minute speaking opportuntities for speakers of all kinds. We will have themed summits and speakers who fit those themes and topics may apply. There will be over 100 speaking opportunities with those and the annual conference, which in 2022 attracted 350 attendees alone.

We look for speakers who speak to and support speakers and entrepreneurs in some way. You must have a confident presence, relevant content, high energy and a professional online presence to be considered.  If you want help with any of this prior to applying please sign up for the Free Speaker Planning Session we offer to members now, don’t wait. Speaking opportunities are often booked months in advance.

When you join the ISN (for free, no fees), you become part of the family and the Organizer, Katrina Sawa, will share your upcoming events, webinars, launches and speaking gigs out to members in emails when you submit short blurbs. Join and you’ll get more info on how to do this!

In 2023, the ISN has over 100 speaking opportunities available to qualified speakers. We will host 3-4 virtual speaking summits for education for speakers and opportunities for networking, collaboration and sales.

The ISN is for you IF any or all of the following apply:

You want to learn the business of speaking – both for free talks or paid

You want to network and share resources and speaking gig opportunities with other experienced speakers

You want to share your expertise with speakers or entrepreneurs and we are your ideal clients

You want to GET BOOKED as a speaker on events, summits, and podcasts!

If you aren’t sure yet if you want to become a speaker or how to even get started speaking… then you definitely want to SIGN UP and become a member, then SHOW UP to calls! It’s FREE too, how awesome is that?