Katrina Sawa, Award Winning, International Speaker and Jumpstart Your Biz Coach with 30 years experience, also founder of the International Speaker Network.

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Here Is What We’ll Cover In Our Call Together…

First we will…

* Get clear on your goals and next steps for your business in general
* Identify what may be holding you back or getting in your way from attaining those goals faster
* Create an action plan for your immediate next steps to use speaking to generate revenue and/or clients

And we’ll see what’s possible for you in terms of:

* Establishing you as a leader, influencer and expert in your topic
* Growing your audience with the right people
* Attracting your ideal speaking opportunities and/or creating your own
* Generating consistent qualified leads, and sales

In the next 90 days and 12 months

Second we’ll look at your current situation around:

– Your Programs, Offerings & Pricing
– Your Network, Community, Followers & Reach
– Your Content Strategies & Marketing Plan
– Your Perceived Credibility & Positioning in the Marketplace

Third we’ll identify the #1 thing that’s holding you back from maximizing and monetizing speaking more in your business

Fourth we’ll create a 3-Step Action Plan to help you get better set up and positioned as the expert, get more opportunities and attract your ideal clients faster.

Finally you’ll leave the call feeling clear, confident, and excited about taking your speaking, business and marketing system to the next level.

Here Is What To Do Next…

Use the form below to do our quick “Speaker Success Plan” questionnaire… This will help us see exactly what we should be creating a plan around.

Then I (or a member of our ISN team) will be in touch and get you booked in for your call.

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I decided to work with Katrina after her 3 day event, even though I went to the event with no intention of hiring a coach. I liked her business knowledge and her desire to help her clients succeed in their business. I have found while working with her for the last year, I continue to learn an incredible amount. She is constantly learning the latest business techniques and she freely gives this knowledge to her clients. My confidence has increased substantially since I have worked with Katrina and I consistently stretch out of my comfort zone. My business has transformed in ways I could have never imagined and she continues to help me with new ideas. I encourage anyone who is interested in growing their business and making their business more sustainable and fun- call Katrina.

Kim McLaughlin

MA, www.FeedYourSoulUnlimited.com

Katrina’s straightforward approach gives you options and tools to make it easy to understand parts of your business. Her approach not only makes it easy but she tells you the mistakes she made and what did not work. Katrina will save you hundreds of hours of research, money and frustration on systems. Her 1 on 1 strategy sessions will explore and customize a plan for your business industry and company. She is the expert on internet marketing, video webinars, radio, and Jumptarting Your Business. She will teach you how to be mobile so you can literally can operate and conduct business from anywhere. She can assist from networking to speaking events. She will show you how to be effective at marketing events to following up on after event. Katrina’s step by step process takes the overwhelmed feeling away. She is the master of Social Media and your website. Her knowledge and wealth of experience is appreciated by many business leaders. If you are alone in business, this is the person you want for accountability and building a professional business. Are you ready to make the money you want from your business? Hire Katrina for your business coach.

Helen Justice

Geriatric Care Manager, AdvancedWellnessGCM.com

When COVID hit, I was unexpectedly furloughed from two jobs and thrust into a position of uncertainty.  I met Katrina and knew, immediately, she was the one to help me launch the business I’ve always wanted.  As a Doctorally prepared Nurse Practitioner, I have wanted a business on my own for many years yet unsure where to start.  Katrina has helped guide me from day one!  In four short months, I went from a panic state of, “I’m not working!” to effectively running my own business and generating nearly $5,000 in just one month! Katrina helped me discover my true value and has encouraged me to charge an hourly rate which is definitely what I am worth–which is much higher than being an employee.  Her work has guided me to grow a business very quickly from simply an idea to reality. If you are considering starting a business or looking to take yours to the next level, jump now!  Katrina is the one to jump start your business!  She truly is a gift and is one of the best business decisions I have ever made!

Dr Jody Jones

“When I joined Live Big Mastermind with Katrina Sawa I knew that I would have the support I needed to put the systems in place to be successful! In the time that I have ben in LBMM I have created a steady stream of 1-on1 clients, speaking opportunitites, written 1 book myself and been a co-author in 3 others AND created and online course. I relied on Katrina’s clear instuctions and each step of the way to create a foundation for success. I’ve been able to hire 2 VA’s to delegate the things I don’t want to do to be able to do all the things I love to do! I am on my way to a 6+ figure business and this would not have been possible without Live Big Mastermind and Katrina Sawa!

Michele Mariscal PHD


Katrina Sawa is a more than just a business coach, she is a mentor. Katrina has taught me marketing strategies that WORK! In just a few months, I implemented a long over-due email campaign, created new products, sold new services and made connections with more clients than ever before. Katrina is someone I trust completely to guide me in my business offerings and I highly recommend her.

Alicia White

Image Branding and Back of Room Strategist for Entrepreneurs and Speakers, SpeakerSheets.com

I was a member of Katrina’s Mastermind group for a year. I cannot tell you what a blessing this was to me and my business. Being a very creative right brained Astrologer, Intuitive reader, healer and silk painter, I had no clue on how to promote my business. I now have a beautiful, functional website, I am doing teleclasses and newsletters monthly and I have learned how to promote myself. My business is growing steadily and I cannot tell you enough good things about Katrina and her style of coaching. I would not be where I am today without her expertise! Her coaching style is so nurturing and she gives so much! Her knowledge of marketing just blows me away! Joining Katrina’s mastermind group was one of the best decisions I could have made for my career. Through this program I have gained the confidence to see success for myself.

Debra Sholly

Astrologer, Intuitive Healer, Florida