Recordings of the Monthly International Speaker Network Webinars:

Current year replays are below. You can access past year replays by using the menu at the top of the site or use the buttons below.

Click to watch them right on this page, also attached near each recording is the “chat room contents” of that particular meeting. On each webinar those who show up LIVE get to give a quick introduction, their website url and share their free gifts. We also do “hot seat coaching” with members towards the end of each call so listen in to those in case we share tips on things that YOU might want to know about!

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We had a very good talk and discussion today about being a TEDx speaker, thanks to Roger Killen… it was a great turnout with a lot of new members!

If you missed this, make sure you plot out the times and dates for the ISN call in your calendar so you can make as many as possible… there were speaking opportunities, great networking and more! 1st Tues 4 pm PST and 3rd Fri 9 am PST every month!

We had a very resourceful and inspiring discussion today after Bonnie spoke about email marketing – go listen!
Plus I have a virtual speaker opportunity for Feb 2022 – Learn more here

Our LIVE meetings are on the 1st Wednesday of every month during lunch and our WEBINARS are on the 1st Tuesday of every month, sometimes they fall in the same week, sometimes they don’t. Please check the meetup calendar here for actual dates.

Meetings are mostly booked with speakers at this time but you can submit your info here if you would like to be on a waiting list or no show list.

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Please also make sure that you are a Member with a completed profile over on the page as well. Join us at an upcoming meeting! 

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