Recordings of the Monthly International Speaker Network Webinars:

Click to watch them right on this page, also attached near each recording is the “chat room contents” of that particular meeting. On each webinar those who show up LIVE get to give a quick introduction, their website url and share their free gifts. We also do “hot seat coaching” with members towards the end of each call so listen in to those in case we share tips on things that YOU might want to know about!

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Katrina walked through how to build out and plan out your year for less stress, less overwhelm, and massive impact and revenue.

She also revealed:

  • The 5 areas that are helpful to think about when plotting out your annual business and marketing calendar.
  • The 5 areas in your business where you probably need to spend the most time improving upon for more consistent cash flow.
  • How to make faster, better decisions around your business growth and scale strategies because “Money Follows Speed!”

Melanie gave a great talk about how to align your superpower with your message to gain visibility and become an influential brand.

We had a lively Q&A where Melanie shared her top tips on getting leads through Podcasts in your niche and how to stand out in a crowded market.

Dr Annika explained how we cannot completely remove stress from our lives and how stress is a tool that our bodies and minds use to function and in more extreme circumstances, for survival.

She shared tips on how to stop stress from taking a toll on not just our mental health but our physical health too.

Susan And Carolyn took us through discovering key networking strategies that will impact the success of our businesses. We discussed how important it is to build a strong well-connected network with solid relationships founded on trust, credibility and integrity.

 They also shared their six principles to make the most of our investments in networking, so that our time and energy is used to build purposeful partnerships that create value!

We had a very small group today due to tech glitches but those who were on got some GREAT insight on what they can do to Grow & Scale their Businesses with Ease.

Listen in to the 2 big keys that Katrina Sawa, our speaker, shared on how to do this. Check the chat doc for special offers and we’ll see you next time!

PS – the Zoom link for our ISN calls is ALWAYS the same, so block off your calendar and save it there and you’ll never miss an ISN meeting again! 1st Tues 4 pm PST & 3rd Fri 9 am PST (rarely is there a date change) 

Debbie gave an insightful and strategic sales presentation on how to turn more prospects into hot buyers by going the extra mile, becoming a better listener, and how important it is to give a VIP customer service experience.

Lots of great questions were asked in the Q & A session and we also had hot seat!

Rebecca gave an empowering talk on how to reach more people around the world as you step into a place of Influence and SHINE!

We had a great chat about expanding your reach everywhere with a great Q & A and hot seat.

Often called the “Queen of Event Marketing” , Alexis explained how using the right psychology and marketing, you can fill your events with buyers.

She explained The “3 Must Haves” 6 & 7 Figure Event Hosts Always Include In Their Offer. We had a great Q & A questions, plus a hot seat, go listen in!

Known as the Business Defribrillator, Vanessa gave a great talk on how to increase your income and optimize your impact without burnout and overwhelm. 

She used her simple 5 step formula and we had a great Q & A questions, plus a hot seat, go listen in!

On this week’s ISN call Jennifer gave a great talk on engaging innovatively, connecting more effectively, and increasing your visibility using LinkedIn. 

We had great Q & A questions, plus a hot seat, make sure you watch the replay!

On this week’s ISN call Steve gave a great talk on how to discover the power of virtual summits, and how to EASILY create your own highly successful and wildly profitable summit.

We had a great Q & A questions, plus a hot seat, go listen in!

On this week’s ISN call we did speed networking!

The recording however does talk about the upcoming Int’l Speaker Conference happing in August, we did introductions and did some Q&A at the end too. Enjoy!

On this week’s ISN call Rachel shared some of best ways to use podcasting to elevate your business.

There were a few newcomers so we had a great Q & A where they got to ask their questions, plus a hot seat, go listen in!

On this week’s ISN call Nancy Giere shared some great tips for creating content so that it could be used later for a “professional” course, not just recordings of what you’re doing.

Then we had a very spirited discussion about pricing programs, courses, memberships and hot seats around that and starting up a speaking business… go listen in!

On this week’s ISN call a dozen or more members brainstormed up a bunch of ways to get more exposure, visibility and find speaking gigs – paid ones, free or collaboration speaking opportunities even.

Go listen in to see if we mentioned any YOU haven’t thought about yet! 

As a speaker it’s important to be RELEVANT, especially to people who actually book the speakers! Jackie gave us some great tips on how to get on stage and grow our audience.

For all you speakers, it’s definitely worth watching the replay!

Colleen shared some amazing tips around building your network to increase your networth! There was so much discussion around it also, you definitely want to listen in.

Plus Katrina shared how important it is to stay open to all sorts of speaking opportunities – paid, free and even pay-to-play! We also put Dr. Grace in the hot seat to brainstorm ideas for her current signature talk. Show up and get noticed on an upcoming call!

We had a lively meeting with Daniel and he explained how it’s possible to have unlimited success using your money dna!

He talks about why our gifts don’t have the level of impact they should have and how we can address that.

We had a great, fun group of folks who joined us on this call.

The Networking Breakout Sessions were very successful with new connections being made and friendships forged!

Mary is fiercely committed to guiding you to develop and promote your book into an expression of your unique voice and a powerful driver of business growth.

She shared some great info on how to create a foundation for sharing your distinctive message, how to polish until that message sparkles and shines!

We had a fun group of folks who joined us on this call – you never know who will be here.

Our speaker Julie Jones shared a lot of info about how to pursue the true AUTHENTIC you with everyone owning their SUPERPOWER!

We had a fun NEW group of folks who joined us on this call – you never know who will be here.

Our speaker Kimberly Koste shared a lot of info about how to attract clients from social media, even her super secret NINJA TIP! You want to go listen in to learn what that was!

We had a very good talk and discussion today about being a TEDx speaker, thanks to Roger Killen… it was a great turnout with a lot of new members!

If you missed this, make sure you plot out the times and dates for the ISN call in your calendar so you can make as many as possible… there were speaking opportunities, great networking and more! 1st Tues 4 pm PST and 3rd Fri 9 am PST every month!

We had a very resourceful and inspiring discussion today after Bonnie spoke about email marketing – go listen!
Plus I have a virtual speaker opportunity for Feb 2022 – Learn more here

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