Recordings of the Monthly International Speaker Network Webinars:

Click to watch them right on this page, also attached near each recording is the “chat room contents” of that particular meeting. On each webinar those who show up LIVE get to give a quick introduction, their website url and share their free gifts. We also do “hot seat coaching” with members towards the end of each call so listen in to those in case we share tips on things that YOU might want to know about!

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Our last call of the year was with Katrina who shared some great insights on how to become an effective speaker and how you can use this skill to “jumpstart” your business.

Lots of fun, laughs AND good info on this one!

Very informative call today with Debra Eckerling about goal setting and how setting simple goals can help propel your business and your life forward!

You definitely want to watch the reply of this if you missed it and don’t forget all the useful links in the PDF (click the button below)

Great discussion today with Lisa Cherney about not being “normal”, proper or polite and how this can help your business!

Plus we all shared a lot of links to podcast guest opportunities, and other speaking opportunities, don’t miss this one!

Great discussion on this weeks ISN call with Stacey Ruth about becoming a leader in your field and having outrageous success doing it!

Everyone enjoyed it and shared a lot of links to free stuff. Make sure to open up this chat doc!

On this week’s ISN call we had a lively chat with Lisa Young sharing great information on how to become a celebrity in your niche.

Everyone enjoyed it immensely and took away some great tips!

Great discussion today all about getting more bookings initiated by our speaker, Leisa Reid…. virtually and in person.

Plus Katrina gave some great tips and suggestions regarding “speaker intimidation” right at the beginning so listen into the replay!

On this week’s ISN call Deidre shared her 4 stages of Turning Your Light On, go check out the presentation, many members raved about it!

Plus we all shared a lot of links to podcast guest opportunities, and other speaking opportunities.. this is a chat room notes doc to open for sure!

On this call Tish Times shared some great tips on closing more sales in your business.

You definitely want to watch the reply of this if you missed it.

On this call Lisa Lieberman-Wang shared some massive tips on how to build and grow a 6-7 figure business in her Mastery to Millions talk.

You definitely want to watch the reply of this if you missed it and Lisa shared a link to get a copy of her book Brand You, free here:

“When you lead and you’re successful, other people will follow” – Lisa Lieberman-Wang

On our call we heard from Mary Scott on “Video Tips & Hacks for Speakers

We had a GREAT TALK all about virtual speaking and technology, social media streaming, lighting, and more!

Thanks to Yvonne A Jones for hosting this while Katrina is on vacation

On our call we heard from Michelle Teague on “Delegating With Ease – Take Back Control of Your Time”

This week’s ISN call was really insightful and fun, with a great discussion around how to take back control of your time, you want to read the CHAT for this one for sure!!

This week’s ISN call was really insightful, with a great discussion around doing LIVE vs. recorded video. Thanks to speaker Sheryl Plouffe, you want to read the CHAT for this one for sure!!

We had a very enlightened discussion on this week’s ISN call with guest speaker Anjel B. Hartwell. We learned the 5 ways we ward off wealth and most of us were doing at least one of them so go watch the replay!

We also had a great hot seat around making Easy Yes Offers from stages, you’ll want to hear this one too. 

On this week’s call Susan Glusica shared her 7 Money Realities that when you work on them, can help you bring in more money!!

You have to listen to this one to understand what we’re talking about… go check it out. We also had a pretty lively discussion at the end with various suggestions on how to maximize and monetize social media marketing efforts.

On this week’s ISN call we had a lot of new members, thanks for checking us out!! We also had a lively discussion with our speaker Rhonda Liebig about growing our influence by partnering in many ways.

We also got to give a hot seat with member, Yvonne A Jones, brainstorming ideas to sell her high-end program. Thanks for showing up everyone, every call is different, keep showing up to get the most out of these events.

On this weeks’ ISN call we had an explosive and engaging discussion around stepping up as more of an influencer with guest speaker, Colleen Biggs!

Then we got to put Michelle Hollis in the spotlight to help her fill her 3-day event. See you next time!

We had a really great event this week, Steve Brossman gave some really unique tips around getting people to WANT to talk with you more in the lead generation process… you need to listen to this replay for sure!

We also got to do 2 hot seats with members, Marilla Arguellas and Rhonda Liebig! (Oh and yes, it was my birthday so that was fun too.)

On today’s call Wanda Allen shared a ton of tips on how to do better follow up so you could get a lot more clients, then a very lively discussion followed about CRMs and so much more.

Definitely check this webinar out if you are NOT paying much attention to your followers, subscribers, prospects or clients – YOU NEED TO FIX THAT.

We also got to give Toni Gitles a hot seat about her upcoming book ideas. Join us next time to get the hot seat featured on you!

We went long on this week’s ISN call with Ken Krell about hosting your own digital/virtual events.

He and I tagged teamed it at the end with Q&A giving amazing advice that probably Ken wasn’t prepared to give so you all definitely want to catch the replay of this one!!
Online events on zoom can be super lucrative

IF you have clarity around what you’re selling, what you’re doing during the event, how to manage the event and your offer as well.

We talked a lot about making high end offers from these, whether or not to bring in other speakers, how to navigate the tech you need (which really isn’t much) to run an event… it was great.

On today’s call Claire gave us the Good, the Bad and the “Exceptional” when it comes to providing good customer service in our own business. Then we got to hot seat with Veronica on her upcoming membership program.

On this week’s ISN call Michelle shared 4 important characteristics of this Aquarian Age and how they will impact your business and life:

  1. Why you need to master on-line speaking and technology now!
  2. How your relationship with money will change – for the better!
  3. What you can do to align with Aquarian energy and attract true success.
  4. Why intuition and being one-of-a-kind are Aquarian.

See you on the next ISN Webinar on Tuesday, Feb 19th, 9:00AM to 10:00 AM PST

On this week’s ISN call we talked a lot about how to jumpstart yourself as a speaker and what you need to really get booked these days, on virtual events and calls, how to prepare, what to create and where to look to get booked or what to do to create your OWN speaking opportunity.

See you on the next ISN Webinar on Tuesday, February 2, 2021 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM PST

On this week’s ISN webinar we kickstarted 2021 off with a bang! Yvonne A. Jones helped give us ideas on how to engage and be a better advocate for our clients.

It’s a very good thing to start the year off because if you don’t take care of your clients they won’t stick around for more and/or refer you!

We had one member take the hot seat also getting ideas around how to create other offerings to sell. And in case you didn’t notice, the 1st Tuesday ISN webinars have moved from 5 pm to 4 pm PST so mark your calendar now for 2021 dates and join us! Info about events, how to speak, replays of this and other webinars and more at

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