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 The International Speaker Network is a great place for authors, experts, trainers, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, business professionals and professional speakers to network, share resources and exchange ideas. Whether you are an experienced speaker or you’re just getting started, we invite you to join us for a meeting unlike any other you have attended before. We meet monthly via zoom which is why we now encourage professionals from around the world to join us. We will also meet in person in the greater Sacramento, CA area when we’re able to do that again.

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The International Speaker Network is focused on the business of speaking and how to monetize more of what you’re doing in your business or your speaking. The majority of our members are business professionals or owners plus speakers or budding speakers, authors and budding authors and therefore we all benefit by sharing resources, discussing strategies for generating more business and speaking engagements, networking and building relationships within the group–all while learning advanced business skills.

If you represent an organization or group that is in need of a speaker, please browse our member list here. You can also contact Katrina Sawa for assistance, the Organizer of this group at 916-872-4000.

We book 20-30 speakers every year on our webinars (held on zoom the 1st Tuesday of each month from 4-5 pm PST and the 3rd Friday from 9-10 am PST) and in person events which are held in the Sacramento, CA area.

The ISN is for you IF any or all of the following apply:

You want to learn the business of speaking – both for free talks or paid

You want to network and share resources and speaking gig opportunities with other experienced speakers

You want to share your expertise with speakers or entrepreneurs and we are your ideal clients

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3. Access to the BRAND NEW International Speaker Conference planned for Summer, 2021 in Sacramento, CA so you can have an opportunity to attend with a discounted rate, speak perhaps if chosen and/or become an exhibitor/sponsor. Join today and learn more about this event!