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IT’S TIME TO Focus on What Matters!

If you’re just now seeing this page and/or you just signed up for the gift giveaway and summit access… I’m sorry but it is OVER…. there is no more access to any replays OR gifts UNLESS you do the VIP $77 upgrade. 

It’s a heck of a deal though for what you get with that $77. You get:

  • Access to all 18 speaker presentations through July 31, 2023 (see topics below)
  • Access to all 25 trainings, downloads, consults and more through July 31, 2023 (see titles and offers below)
  • One of my Jumpstart Your ___ compilation books will be shipped to you
  • And you get a 30 min 1on1 Laser Coaching Call with me over Zoom that I’ll record for you where we can discuss any or all of the following to help you start, grow and scale your business much faster! (Regular $500 value)
      • Making more money in your business

      • Getting more clients

      • Marketing more effectively and efficiently

      • Uncovering what will work for you and what doesn’t

      • Updating your website so it actually works to bring and convert leads rather than just sit there

      • Writing a book, publishing and becoming an author

      • Speaking and getting on more stages

      • Selling high end programs or offerings (or low end)

      • Creating your programs and offerings, pricing, courses and more

      • Positioning yourself as the expert you are and believing that’s true

      • Plus…. so much more, I’m very talented in all things business.



DAY 1 OPENING SESSION with Katrina Sawa on “Focus on What Matters”

DAY 2 OPENING SESSION with Katrina Sawa on “5 Keys to Bigger Sales Results” & Creating Bigger Money Goals and Why

Day 1 CLOSING SESSION with Katrina Sawa talked about Affiliate Marketing, did some Networking & Q&A. Plus, some won some BIG prizes for showing up!

DAY 2 CLOSING SESSION with Katrina Sawa talked about what’s next for you, where to start, how to take action and more.


May 18 - 31 You will have access to all of the following gifts. You can choose which you want to download or sign up for.

Trainings & Gifts Included:

Speaker Success Guide: What Speakers Don’t know That Can Hurt Them
Content Marketing Toolkit to Attract More Clients Easily
Planning with a Purpose Online 90-Min Action Class
Digital Copy of Jen’s Book: Say Yes, Then Figure It Out
90 Minute Live Out Loud LIVE Session
Video Series: Relationship A to Z, 30-Day Program
Rennie’s Best-Selling Book Wealth On Any Income
The Hybrid Group Program Launch Checklist
Full Access Pass to an APeeling Digital Book Title of Your Choice
Masterclass: The Success Roadmap to Doubling Your Income and Elevating Your Presence to Authority Status
Techy Training: The Importance of Image Optimization For Your Website
Client Growth Bundle to Attract & Scale Your Business
Career & Life Action Plan Consult
Video Series: The BEST 3 Ways to Meet Quality People for a Committed Relationship
Mini-Course: Increase Your Happiness & Productivity with the Savage Sunrise
Webinar Training: Unleash Your Unique Potential & Genius
5 Day Course: Streamline Your Closet to Inspire You
3-Part Video Training: Jumpstart Your Networking
90-Min Deep Dive Training: Delegating for Freedom & BONUS eBook & Checklist
How to Generate $10K Via One-Day Virtual Events

eBook & Massive Checklist: The 5 Step Guide to a WELLthy Life!

3 Month Virtual Membership to MBX, Making Business Connections Networking Organization


May 18 & 19 (THURSDAY & FRIDAY) 9:00 – 2:00 PM PDT EACH DAY (Doors Open 30 min early for Networking & Stay Open for 30 min after for Q&A!

Topics We’ll Be Covering:


Fractured to Focused: 3 Non-Negotiables to Focus on To Consistently Attract New Clients
“Entrepreneur On Stage”: The Ten “Must-Haves” to Position Yourself as a Pro to Speaker Bookers and Stage Hosts.
Focus on Your Technology for More Profits
Three Secrets of the Wealthy
Your Inner Critic Matters: Creating a Healthy Relationship with Your Inner Critic
Speak Up, Get Clients
3 Ways to Stand Out in the Crowd Super Easy Tech Tools for Your Business!
Wear Who You Are
Increase Your Inbox Impact
Jumpstart Your Book for More Clients
“Breaking Free from Imposter Syndrome: Unlocking Your True Worth for a Life of Fulfillment and Inspiration”
Elevate your brand & attract more clients & opportunities through authority positioning
Virtual Workshops that Sell: Attract 4+ clients this month even if you have no email list
Planning with a Purpose: Powerful Steps to Reaching Your Business Goals
Focus on Being the Hero not the Victim of Your Own Story
Swing for the Fence! 3 Secrets to Building a Multi-Million Dollar Biz & The Life of Your Dreams
How to Make the Best Choices for Your Career & Life
3 Keys to Optimizing True WELLness

You CAN still access the Event’s Additional “FUN PRE-WORK” if you want to set yourself up for more success in your business!

Learn what’s MISSING in your business or where you NEED TO IMPROVE your current marketing, lead generation, follow up and sales efforts, automation, systems, team and more. This quiz goes through the 5 main areas that entrepreneurs need to focus on more in order to hit their big money goals.

Take the Jumpstart Your Quiz Today!

Learn why you’re not making enough money in your business and why your money goals could be TOO LOW! Most entrepreneurs don’t see the long-term, big picture of what it will really take to build a consistent business… you MUST have the right money goals!

Watch the video on how to do this and fill out the Need Number worksheet that will help you – it’s free!

What’s Next for You and the Growth of YOUR Business?

Want to work with Katrina 1on1 to get a big jumpstart on your business now?

Kat’s coaching is HIGH ACCESS so YOU get what YOU need and not a bunch of stuff you don’t need. It’s Done WITH You Too, she walks you through it all, everything you need to do, say, send, post, and more.

Get started with that very special offer in the VIP package for a 30-minute laser focused coaching call with Katrina for just $77!! (Kat normally charges $500 for this!)



Jumpstart Your _____ (blank) Signed Copy Shipped to You

Want to find out how to create better relationships with yourself and those you love? Discover what’s blocking you from more success, love, money? Get rid of toxic people or figure out how to become more confident with yourself in order to go after your dreams? What about make a bunch more money in your business? This book will share tips on how to do ALL of this and it will inspire you in many ways. The Jumpstart Your ____ compilation book series has been running since 2018 and is looking for authors for our next book now. Every author shares how they help jumpstart one area of someone’s life, business, health, spirituality, and so much more! You will love reading their stories and even apply yourself to join the next book!


FREE 30-Minute Private 1on1 Coaching Call with Kat!

Want to know EXACTLY what to do and HOW to do it so you can grow your business as big as you want? Do you want things to be simpler and easier and not take up so much of your time? Get some laser coaching to pick my brain, get those answers and solutions you need right away to build and grow your business fast. This could also include how best to prioritize, price and package your offerings, be more productive, automate and systematize your biz, marketing and so much more! 

Have Questions? Need Anything?

E-mail: team@jumpstartyourbiznow.com or give us a call AT 916-872-4000!

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